Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Editing at it's best!

I feel as though I need to explain the title of my blog "What The..." This phrase is a favorite around our household and it all started a couple of years ago with my nephew, Jake. Much to my delight, and my sisters dismay, Jake preferred to add a "what the HE**" to everything he said. Here are some examples: "Jake, it's time to get dressed" Jake's response, "What the He**!", "Jake, do you want to go outside?", Jake's response, "Sure, what the He**!" As you can see, this caused a bit of a problem for my sister. Turns out most people don't think a 3 year old swearing is very funny.

Now while my sister was going through this parenting challenge, I would sit and listen to her lament over how to deal with Jake, all the while giggling to myself that she finally had a "difficult" child. (Her oldest, Noah, is relatively easy going). She had experienced many laughs over the differences between our oldest daughter Chloe, and middle daughter, Emma. Emma tends to be a bit more vocal about her opinions, causing me to constantly question the benefits of multiple children. Since Jake is a couple of years younger than Emma, it was nice to see my older, wiser sister experiencing some, shall we say, challenging moments in parenting.

But, because my sister is one of the most determined people I know, she and Jake were able to come up with a compromise they both could live with, hence the saying "What the?!" Yeah! Jake had learned the art of clever editing!

Fast forward a few years, we now have our third daughter(and I thought 2 was a challange), Lili, who makes Emma look like a saint. Not that she is particularly bad, she is just slightly more determined to make sure we don't forget her, EVER! Lili has developed her own way to do pretty much everything. She prefers to wear clothes that twirl, even if that means putting pants on with both of her legs in one hole. While she is perfectly capable of talking, she prefers to sing, EVERYTHING, and, at 4 years old, she has decided that the whole world is better covered in glitter. Unfortunately, this need to make a statement has recently crossed over into her language skills. After a wind storm the other day, Lili walked outside to see her play hut tipped over. In front of me, her sisters, a neighbor and all of her kids, Lili asked in her loudest "outside" voice, "What the HE** happened to my play hut?" Needless to say I will be calling my nephew to get some tips on clever editing.