Sunday, October 14, 2007

To be or not to be...

Yes, I know it has been 10 days since my last post, but things have been a little crazy here in Burwellville. Halloween is fast approaching, and in an effort to avoid the October 30th, 10pm "can't find a costume" episode, I have strongly suggested the girls make a decision on a costume early and that they have to stick with it. Hopefully this will avoid the 3 costumes each that we seem to end up with every year, but I can't make any promises.

Lili has already changed her mind several times, but I think she has finally settled on a mermaid. Originally she wanted to be "Dorothy" from 'Wizard of Oz', I thought it was such a great idea(we already have a dress her Grandma made for Emma several years ago) I told her I would be the Scarecrow for her. Yep, I get to dress up for preschool. Two days is a row. Anyhow, even though she has now abondoned the whole "Dorothy" thing, I am stuck being a Scarecrow.

Chloe, of course, made up her mind early and decided to be 'Cleopatra'. I, being the overconfident Mom that I am, told her I could easily "MAKE" that for her. Yes I said "make". Now in case you don't know, my sewing skills are EXTREMLY limited. I know how to sew nightgowns, without collars or buttons, and elastic waisted p.j pants. I managed to put pockets in one pair of p.j. pants, but for the life of me couldn't figure out how I did it for the next several pairs. Needless to say, neither one of those patterns will really work for 'Cleopatra'. Not too worry, I found a plain white Angel costume and think I can manage to sew enough gold junk on to it for it to pass. So I am feeling pretty good. It's two weeks before Halloween and I have 2 out of 3 costumes done. I move on to Emma. (If I could play music on my blog, this is where you would hear the "Duh, Duh, DUUUHHH.")

Emma reminds me so much of me as a little girl, sometimes it's scary. I remember worrying for WEEKS about what I would be for Halloween. Trying to find just the right balance between fun and still looking cute is not easy. When you also throw in the fact that I won't let them be anything scary or too grown up,(aka: miniature stripper) it really puts a kink in Emma's sense of style. But I am totally committed to helping Emma find the perfect costume, so off we go, to every store in Twin Falls. I swear there is not a costume in this town that I haven't looked at. After several hours and a considerable amount of yelling, we head home, empty handed. But not too worry, thank godness for the internet. Emma scoured every website we could find, and after many more hours and some serous negotiations on her part, we found her a genie costume.

So I am pretty sure we will have Cleopatra, a mermaid, a genie and a REALLY BIG scarecrow trick or treating at our house this year. But since it is only October 19th, and I still have to put Chloe's costume together, I can't make any guarentees. There is a pretty good chance that we will all be going as ghosts, I think I have enough sheets. Check back on November 1.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good Karma is So Over-rated

I had an urge to go through my email tonight and clean it up. For some reason I can't stand to have old email sitting there. This is usually a good thing, it's nice to be organized, right? The only time my need to clean gets me in trouble is when I start deleting stuff I really need. But not too worry, I have finally learned how to move stuff into folders, (thanks Dick) so I can keep all of my junk organized.

Ok, off subject...I wish I could type this in what I call "Mom real-time". Since typing the previous paragraph, I have swept and mopped the floor, switched the laundry, although the load that needs to be folded is currently eyeing me from across the room, cleaned up the basement, put the girls to bed, solved Chloe's necklace crisis, listened to Emma tell me how Lili never helps with anything, loaded the dishwasher and gave Tom several dirty looks for his ability to sit and watch all of this happen without feeling the need to help. That all took about 20 minutes.

So back to the email thing, in the clean out, I came across an email from one of my dear friends, Larisa. It is one of those fix your karma things. In theory this is great. The only problem is that I think I got this from her like a week ago, and I haven't had anytime to actually read it until tonight, seems fine right? It probably would be except the the first thing the email says is that it has to leave my inbox within 96 hours of arriving there. Great, I'm screwed right out of the box. Let's hope the rest of the email is SO GOOD that it will counter-act the fact that I am way past the 96 hour mark.

As I read on it tells me the usual stuff, be a good person, live honorably, blah, blah, blah. The thing that gets me is the "spend some time alone each day". I honestly can't think of ANY time during the day I am really alone. Bed doesn't count, because if Tom's not there, there is a really good chance one of the girls is. I can't remember a time in the past 10 years that I have been in the bathroom by myself. Even when I am driving somewhere supposedly alone, the spirit of my little angels is always with me in the form of a petrified french fry, leaking sippy cup, or electronic toy with no off button. Not that I am complaining, I mean , this is what I signed up for when I became a Mom. Laundry and old food. That was in the fine print at the bottom of the contract the hospital so cleverly disguised as a bill.

I continue reading the email, and the last thing I am to achieve in order to reach my spiritual plateau is to "once a year go someplace I have never been". I wonder if I can combine that with the whole alone thing and pick the bathroom.